OOC Minutes March 11, 2024



March 11th, 2024
11:00 am

Held via Zoom
Central Park Complex Bldg., 110 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, Johnstown, PA  15901

ATTENDEES: Commissioner Tom Chernisky, Commissioner Scott Hunt Tanya Kvarta, Rebecca Valle, Elyse Kirchner, Tracy Selak, Tracy Shultz, Amy Hamilton, Fred Oliveros, Missy Raho

  • Approval of Minutes: January 22nd meeting minutes: Approved motion by Commissioner Chernisky / seconded by Scott Hunt. No discussion
  • Review of requested financials: (See attachment): No discussion
  • RFP Retirement Plan Submissions: Approved motion to award Randy Seymour and (LPA) Dunbar/Bender/Zaps (DBZ) RFP by Commissioner Chernisky / seconded by Commissioner Hunt
    • Company (Randy Seymour and DBZ) to charge $1100 per year for services
    • Tanya to send letter to bid winner (Randy Seymour)
    • Cooperation with the company was requested by Commissioner Chernisky for a smooth transition
    • Per Commissioner Hunt, BHoCC raises can now go into effect. Retroactive to January 1st, 2024
  • Magellan 2024 Contract Approval: On agenda for the 3/14 Commissioner meeting. Mr. Repak reviewed it.
  • Reinvestment Committee Meeting: Ad hoc:
    • Working on Housing Plan (shelter)
    • Recovery Community Center (RCC) going well
    • Walk-in Crisis Center going well
  • Behavioral Health of Cambria County (BHoCC) Key Initiatives for 2024: In conjunction with Magellan.
    • Suicide Awareness
    • Meetings with Schools
    • Housing
    • Peer Development
  • Magellan Behavioral Health (MBH) Updates:
    • Star Summit to be held on May 22nd at Ace’s
  • 2024 BHoCC Trainings: UPDATE: All trainings will be held in-person (Cambria County Academic Center). More information can be found on our FB page and/or website www.bhocc.org.
    • QPR, February 14th , 9-12, Tracy Shultz & Camette Standley
    • Navigating Autism, March 20th, 9-4, Brian Nagle
    • Motivational Interviewing 2-Day Workshop, April 9th & 10th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • And Wellness for All, April 23rd, 9-4, Karen Vadino
    • Mindfulness for Professionals, May 8th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Understanding Meth, May 17th , 9-4, Bruce Schaffer
    • Adolescent Mental Health Issues & Intervention Strategies, June 12th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • LGBTQ, July 19th , 9-4, Melissa Perkins
    • Teen Social Media & MH Usage Trends, July 30th , 9-4, Ryan Klingensmith
    • Trauma-Informed Care, August 7th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Communication Skills, August 21st , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Ethical Principles for Mental Health Professionals, September 20th , 1-4, Andrew Nocita
    • Motivational Interviewing 2-Day Workshop, September 24th & 25th , Barbara Orr
    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals, October 16th, 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Motivational Interviewing Train-the-Trainer (3-Day), November 5th , 6th , 7th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Sex And Drugs: Dual Companions: Bruce Schaffer, November 15th, 9-4
    • Report to the Community, December 6th, 10-Noon, Tanya Kvarta
  • Executive Session: Was held 3/8/24 regarding RFP retirement. Executive session 1:00-2:37

Adjourn:  Motion to Adjourn: Approved motion by Commissioner Chernisky / seconded by Commissioner Hunt

Next meeting:  May 20th, 2024

2024 Meeting Dates:

January 22nd
March 11th
May 20th
July 22nd
September 23rd
November 12th

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