January 22nd, 2024
12:00 pm

3rd Floor Conference Room, Room 314
Central Park Complex Bldg., 110 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, Johnstown, PA  15901

Commissioner Chernisky, Commissioner Hunt, Commissioner Rager, Tanya Kvarta, Elyse Kirchner, Rebecca Valle, Tracy Selak, Tracy Shultz, Fred Oliveros, Missy Raho

  • Approval of Minutes: September 25 th , 2023 & November 13 th meeting minutes: Approved motion by Commissioner Rager / seconded by Commissioner Hunt. No discussion.
  • Reinvestment Committee Meeting: Ad hoc:
    • Homeless Shelter
    • Recovery Housing in discussion
    • Recovery Community Center (RCC) going well
    • Walk-in Crisis Center going well
  • Annual Salary Increase: Executive session discussion
  • 1st Summit Bank Signature Changes: Motion to approve Commissioner Rager/ Seconded by Commissioner Hunt.
    • All signers must go to 1 st Summit Bank to update their signatures
    • William (BJ) Smith to be removed as signer
    • Keith Rager to be added as signer
    • Tanya to email commissioners once the process is in motion
  • 403B Retirement Discussion: The narrative was given to Tara by Joe Crisi to begin the process of BHoCC retirement plan RFP. Tanya to email the narrative to the commissioners and cc Tracy Selak
  • HealthChoices Overview: To be reviewed at the BHoCC/Magellan/Commissioner meeting being held on Wednesday, January 24 th at 10:00 am
  • Behavioral Health of Cambria County (BHoCC) Key Initiatives for 2023:
    • Suicide Awareness
    • Housing
    • Peer Development
  • Magellan Behavioral Health (MBH) Updates:
    • Working to increase access to services
    • Rate increases and one lump sum was given to providers to help with staffing issues
  • 2024 BHoCC Trainings: UPDATE: All trainings will be held in-person (Cambria County Academic Center). More information can be found on our FB page and/or website www.bhocc.org.
    • QPR, February 14th , 9-12, Tracy Shultz & Camette Standley
    • Navigating Autism, March 20th, 9-4, Brian Nagle
    • Motivational Interviewing 2-Day Workshop, April 9th & 10th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • And Wellness for All, April 23rd , 9-4, Karen Vadino
    • Mindfulness for Professionals, May 8th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Understanding Meth, May 17th , 9-4, Bruce Schaffer
    • Adolescent Mental Health Issues & Intervention Strategies, June 12th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • LGBTQ, July 19th , 9-4, Melissa Perkins
    • Teen Social Media & MH Usage Trends, July 30th , 9-4, Ryan Klingensmith
    • Trauma-Informed Care, August 7th , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Communication Skills, August 21st , 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Ethical Principles for Mental Health Professionals, September 20th , 1-4, Andrew Nocita
    • Motivational Interviewing 2-Day Workshop, September 24th & 25th , Barbara Orr
    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals, October 16th, 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Motivational Interviewing Train-the-Trainer (3-Day), November 5th, 6th, 7th, 9-4, Barbara Orr
    • Tentative: D&A training: Bruce Schaffer, November 15th, 9-4
    • Report to the Community, December 6th, 10-Noon, Tanya Kvarta
  • Executive Session: Motion to approve Executive Session Commissioner Chernisky / seconded by Commissioner Hunt. Executive Session 12:20-12:40
    • BHoCC Annual Salary Increase. .67 cents per hour raises are contingent on the completion of the retirement plan RFP and retroactive to January 1 st , 2024

Adjourn:  Motion to Adjourn: Approved motion by Commissioner Rager / seconded by Commissioner Hunt. No discussion.

Next meeting:  March 11th , 2024

2024 Meeting Dates:

January 22nd
March 11th
May 20th
July 22nd
September 23rd
November 12th

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