May 23rd, 2022

BHoCC Conference Line
Phone: 1-720-496-1609
Passcode: 167630

  • Approval of Minutes: March 14 th, 2022 meeting minutes:
  • Review of requested financials: (See attachment)
  • Approval of MBH contract:
  • Reinvestment Committee Meeting: Ad hoc:
  • Behavioral Health of Cambria County (BHoCC) Key Initiatives for 2022
  • Magellan Behavioral Health (MBH) Updates:
  • 2022 BHoCC Trainings: UPDATE: All trainings will be held via in-person (Cambria County Academic Center) and transition to zoom if needed due to COVID regulations. More information can be found on our FB page and/or website
    • Military Trauma & PTSD – April 22nd, 9am-12pm
    • Co-Occurring Disorders – May 16th, 9am-5pm
    • Adolescent Mental Health Issues & Intervention Strategies: June 7th, 9am-4pm
    • LGBTQ; Working with Parents & Families: July 15th, 9am-4pm
    • Trauma Informed Care – August 10 th , 9am-4pm
    • Ethical Principles for Mental Health Professionals: September 16th, 9am-12pm
    • Motivational Interviewing (x2) – September 27th & 28th, 9am-4pm
    • SMART Goals – October 13th, 9am-4pm
    • Motivational Interviewing TOT – November 1st, 2nd, 3rd , 9am-4pm
    • What is a “Recovery Community Organization” (RCO) – November 17th, 9am-5pm
    • Report to the Community – December 2nd, 10am-1pm

Adjourn: Motion to Adjourn:
Next meeting: July 18 th, 2022

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